Unique Mindset

What is the purpose of this site?

This website was designed to deliver life changing content to our subscribers.  Our main goal is to help our generation become successful by providing:

-Mentor Stories to those who need advice and direction in specific fields or professions to know exactly what to do to become successful.

-Inspirational Articles and Videos to motivate our subscribers.  Browse through our Inspiration & Advice page to be inspired to pursue your dreams.

-Professional Development opportunities to network and meet the mentors on the website(coming soon).

Unique Mindset was established to provide the needed advice to students and graduates regarding what they can do to gain success in life. This encompasses building and maintaining great relationships, attaining financial security, establishing the right mindset, acquiring self-confidence through personal development and mentorship and having the best education.This is required for anyone looking to accomplish their goals and achieve the highest level of success possible.

To become successful, you have to think like a successful person. To think like a successful person, you have to learn from one. Unique Mindset is designed to provide the tools needed to gain success in life. It is designed solely for individuals who are prepared to embrace their full potential and gain inspiration from successful individuals to walk in their footsteps.

We believe in the philosophy of seeking wise counsel from individuals who are where you want to be in life.  In other words, learn from those returning from the journey you are about to embark on.


During our undergraduate years we were a group of friends that had different aspirations and dreams. We came together and embraced the mindset that would help us achieve success during our undergraduate years.  The ideology behind our mindset was to have a different and unique way of thinking.  No other organization revolved so much around the advancement of each of its members as ours did.  This was a great step which helped us all achieve success in our lives. We decided to share this idea with the world through this website.

We need you!

We are always looking for unique individuals to contribute to our website.  This is a very good way for you to gain exposure and contribute to our mission.  We are very open to new ideas, and are always in need of more stories to share with our readers!