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Joshua Horton

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I am the owner and operator of Forever Endeavor. At Forever Endeavor we provide the best professionals in the industry to ensure that your special event goes exactly as you dreamed it will be. We ensure we have everything to make your event memorable. My long term aspiration is to be the CEO of Forever Endeavor and have it be a national chain and help other struggling businesses get themselves off the ground.

When I started Forever Endeavor, I had a good idea but needed to be in the right place, so I moved to buffalo. This allowed for me to build a good network. I must say I would be no where without my network. Networking is one of the biggest requirements in any business. This is because the right network allows for an endless amount of clientele. If you want to be successful, establish your network and put as much time into your business as you can. Do not over exert yourself, but be sure to spend time on your business.

The greatest obstacles that I have overcome would definitely be finding capital. I didn’t start with as much capital as I would have liked to so I picked up another job, worked from 8pm until 5 am, which meant lack of sleep, but I found it necessary to get to where I am today. Another obstacle I faced was finding employees who believed in the business as much as I did. To solve this problem, I kept expanding my network until I found the right group of awesome people who believed in the company’s mission, and were willing to stick by me through it. When you start in the service industry, you need these types of individuals because the industry doesn’t provide a steady flow of income from the onset.
During this experience, I have found that my mindset has been set to a never give up type attitude. Sometimes you’ll feel as if you are at the lowest of lows and have no idea how to pick yourself up, but at that point, that’s when you learn how to pick yourself up and continue, and find new ways to make what you believe into something successful. My personal experience would show that my mindset through building the company has been the biggest crucial factor.

Quotes by Josh

“Any idea can happen as long as you take the right steps.Don’t be afraid to fail. Just tinker and tinker with the idea till you find the way to success.”
“Take the first step, keep moving forward and make sure you don’t stop.”
“If you want to be successful, put in the time.”
“Do not let anyone tell you, you cannot succeed.”