Entrepreneur Mentors

Frank & Nenneya

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Frank & Nenneya are the founders of JumbleTalk a promising new media outlet with a unique and innovative touch. Unlike other such platforms, we offer a particularly interesting point-of-view. With a goal of reclaiming the lost voices of this generation around the world (17-27 year olds, who we call “jumblers”), our mission is to disseminate pertinent information that brings awareness to current issues and topics, stimulates thought, and encourages intellectual conversation. By doing so, jumblers’ opinions and voices will be respected and considered as meaningful and influential.

Reading is important yet overlooked, what do you have to say about this?

In the world we live in today, one of the greatest changes to occur is that abundance of information. It is the best thing to happen to humanity. If a person fails to read, they can’t find out more about what is going on around them.  This leaves a person close minded and fences them off from a certain level of success. Reading also allows a person to critically think about the things they read. This allows a person to have a mental conversation about why they might agree or disagree with the information.

Who influenced you when you were growing up?

Frank: I’ve seen my mom start numerous businesses and watch them grow to different levels. That has always interested me but my key driving force is that I want to do something different from my parents. My parents had this master plan of me becoming a doctor but I had my own plans for my life.

Nenneya: My family played a huge role in everything that I am today. My grandmother is the epitome of everything that is entrepreneur and she instilled that in me. She stressed that school and continuous self-education is important.  She also advised to learn to help others by creating things. When you find there is something lacking in the world, you should find a way to fix it instead of complaining.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

Frank: The biggest thing is perseverance. It is really what it takes to become successful. You hear about different secrets to success but it all boils down to perseverance. If you have a great idea, it won’t do well without perseverance. If you have a dream you have to be willing to see it through to the end.

Be open to different critiques or what people have to say about what you are doing. You are brilliant, it’s your idea but if you are not open to other people’s critiques you might not be able to know the roadblocks that might happen in the future.

Nenneya: Expecting something to be prosperous within the first few months is too short sighted; you have to be willing to understand that things take time. You don’t need to have a certain timeframe to try your idea out. That should not be the idea; you should find new ways of achieving the same goal.

“The man who knows he doesn’t know is the wisest.” It’s the idea that you don’t know everything so you should be open to listening to what others have to say.

Be sure to check out what Frank and Nenneya are doing at www.JumbleTalk.com.