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Advice from the Wise Elderly

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To seek good advice, it is important to speak to older folks who have been there and are blessed with many years of experience. We have a collection of advice from individuals 70 years and older based on their experiences in life and things they wished they had done differently.





The one piece of advice that touched our hearts here at Unique Mindset is that you should be gentle with yourself. Take it easy on yourself, don’t criticize yourself too much and know that great things take many years to build.


The advice is divided into six different categories:



Look into a career that you absolutely love and one that you look forward to each day.

Work more on yourself than you do on your job.

Balance work and make time for your family and kids.

Find an additional means of income, but don’t let it take away from the time spent with your family and friends.



Pick a life partner that you share some fundamental similarities with and share similar values and goals in life.

Remember the 3 C’s required for every successful relationship; commitment, compromise and communication.

Marriage does not work with each partner bringing 50% to the table. Each partner should give a 100% for it to work.

Don’t wake up thinking what can I get from my marriage today. Rather, think what you can give.

The two words required for everlasting love, Yes dear.



Work towards owning your home. Rent is a drain because you have nothing to show for it.

Live within your means.

Learn early in your life to make money work for you.

Start saving and investing now.

Learn about Personal finance 101.


Live Life

Know that you only have only one chance to make a first impression

Travel more when you are young and keep traveling.

Happiness is a choice and not a result of how life treats you. Choose to be happy.

Stop worrying. Worrying wastes your time and never helps you accomplish anything.

Always re-invest in yourself by learning, reading etc.

Build good habits early on in your life because it is easier to maintain it later.

Learn a second or third language to be able to make more friends and have business partners from around the world.

Don’t have kids till you had the most fun you want to have.



Proper nutrition and good exercise will prolong your life.

If you smoke, try to quit earlier because it is much harder to quit later.


Social Circle

Always offer your help to friends and others in need.

Surround yourself with positive people.

Edit your friends by spending less time with those who go down the wrong path in life.

Learn to accept criticism