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Viet & Latrel

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Phu Concepts is a Rochester based Website Design and Internet Marketing Company currently valued at over 5 million dollars. The company was created by founders Viet and Latrel during Viet’s last year of high school. They have been in business for about 6 years and have worked with many large institutions, government agencies, and businesses such as Ed-hardy, Best Buy, and Blue Cross Arena.

Latrel worked for the United States Post Office working swing shifts which greatly affected his sleep. After he received several warnings for coming in to work late, he realized he had to find a way to become self-employed. He started by venturing into real estate and reading books which taught him to change his outlook on life. He spent several years modeling and during his modeling career needed a website to promote his image. His friend Viet offered to build this website for him. From there, Latrel knew they could partner up to establish a Website Design company.

Viet started out working at a Japanese restaurant making a little over minimum wage and chose to give all his income to his mother. His motivation was in assisting his single mother who worked long hours to support the family. Because of this, Viet started creating websites and featuring ad revenue which generated thousands of dollars a month from home. At this point he knew he had to venture into website design. When Viet started the company, he was in his senior year of high school. He had to sacrifice a lot including his relationship with his high school sweetheart to focus on establishing his company.

When they started off they had no clients, which is not uncommon for a new business. The two entrepreneurs started by printing out business cards and went to over 50 businesses, door to door, to sell their services. With lack of experience and clients, no one wanted to work with them. This didn’t stop them from staying persistent to land their first client. In the beginning, they were underpaid for their services but they understood that they needed a couple of good clients to be able to build credibility with their portfolio. Working with this one client offered Phu Concepts the opportunity to stand out in the web designing arena to gain more clients.

“Lack of capital from the start forced us to work from our homes,” Viet said. “We met with our clients at coffee shops. We weren’t in a rush; we realized it could take several years to begin generating profit.”

At the start of the business the two partners hired 9 employees; including an accountant and lawyer and put everyone on payroll. “This was not smart. Our advice to you is to focus on making money instead of trying to do everything the right way.”

“Our goal was not to just make money. We wanted to change to the inner city. We wanted to show kids that they could be successful by believing in themselves and thinking outside the box.”

Would you rather be given a million dollars or would you like to be showed how to make a million dollars?

“When you know something, you know it forever.”

What are your thoughts about Unique Mindset.

“Unique Mindset is great because it provides a community of like-minded people looking for success.”

Advice from the founders of Phu Concepts

You must be willing to sacrifice.

You cannot please everybody.

Understand rejection.

Be patient with others.

Work hard.

Know the value of people.

Be persistent.

Know exactly what you want to do.