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Power of Choice

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We live in a generation where everything is always fast paced. Flick a light switch and there is light. Send an email and it is instantly delivered.Go to a McDonald’s and your meal is handed to you in minutes. The speed of everything in our generation creates unrealistic expectations. Everyone wants instant results. This is the reason why many people play the lottery. The reason why people take diet pills instead of working out. The love of instantaneous results is having a negative impact on the lives of many people.

Unfortunately, life does not work this fast. Life is not an instant result.It takes time, sometimes a very long time to see results from the choices you make in life. The farmer plants a seed, cultivates his crop,and guards his crop till harvest. In our generation, people want to plant today and harvest in full tomorrow. This is not feasible.We need to learn the virtue of patience and how to utilize the power of time.

Our life is the total sum of the little things we do every day. These choices made over long periods of time have a great impact on your life. A single event does not change the direction of your life. Failure therefore is not one drastic event. It is a few errors, repeated every day. In that same way, we can say success is a few good choices made every day.

If you wake up each day and choose to do something that affects your life positively, I’m sure you will agree this can change your life. Imagine if you made time to read a book. Not just any book but one that could improve your life. Let’s say you took time to read Rich Dad Poor Dad, Who Moved My Cheese, The Richest Man in Babylon, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Think and Grow Rich or King Solomon’s Seven Principles to Financial Success. Imagine the positive results this discipline will have on your life. It would improve your interactions with people, give you confidence, increase your knowledge in personal finance, intensify the quality of your relationships and promote your health. You won’t see the results of doing this instantly; No, but over time you will gradually become a very influential person. It is the choices you make concerning your life each day that has the greatest impact on your life. This is the greatest secret to success. I hope this is sinking in because you can do all you can to be successful, but if you fail to realize how little choices you make affects your life, you will never gain the level of success you want.

Let’s consider the principle of compound interest, one which Warren Buffet calls the 8th Wonder of the World. Let’s consider how a simple discipline that you choose to do can accrue great wealth for you and your family. This is a simple task which anyone can perform, but only a few will.

If you invest $5000 at age 25, and leave it in a stock yielding 20% yearly for 30 years, at age 55 you will have $ 1,000,000. If you leave the money for an extra 3 years, at age 58 your $5000 will be worth $2,000,000.If you wanted to be patient and left it till you turned 65, you will retire with $7,000,000. (You can verify this at This is how you can use the power of a choice made at age 25 to retire with 7 million dollars at age 65.

Think about it though, many people would rather spend that $5000. Others would begin the process and spend the money they have accumulated sometime during the process. Some would say I don’t know how to invest. Others want instant results; they want to put money into the stock market and get a 200% return by the end of the year. Let’s shy away from the need of instant gratification and learn to use the power of time and virtue of patience to our advantage.

Consider the topic of health. Many people want the best health, but refuse to take the little steps required for good health. This is the reason why fitness facilities are filled up at New Years and after three to four weeks, they become empty. Many people want to see instant results. They want to become fit in a month. They want to become healthy in a few days. They forget about the power of how the little choice they make each day can drastically influence their life. If they continually watch the little things they eat, and exercise even three times a week, they will compound their efforts. In a few years from now, they will be very healthy. But instead many feel comfortable doing the opposite of what is required for good health. They would rather not exercise and hope that their health wouldn’t be compromised. Robert Kiyosaki said it best, “Hope is for the hopeless.”

Don’t leave your life to hope. Make the choice of what you want from life and I encourage you to use the power of choice to create that which you want. Be dedicated to continue making these choices daily to create the life you desire. Remember that when something goes wrong, it is not the end. It is merely a minor obstacle on your path to greatness.

Choose to stay focused, be patient and make the best of your life each day. Stay connected with us here at Unique Mindset. We are on a journey to create the best life for each and every one of our members.

Share this with anyone that you care about. The knowledge of this changed my life and I hope it changes yours.

-Hans Boateng