Personal Development

A Life Well Lived

Posted on by ums

Look around you and notice how much our generation is in a constant hurry. We seldom appreciate life. Time is moving so fast, most people can barely keep track of where they are going. However, regardless of the speed at which a person travels, they will have to stop or be stopped at some point in their life to answer an important personal question, “Is this the life I want to live?”

We create our lives with each passing day. We can choose to do so consciously or unconsciously. However, this is a process that must happen. Jim Rohn said, “Plan your life so you don’t fall into someone else’s plans because they might not have plans for you.”

Very few people cherish the relationship they have with their friends, family and partners. Many have the convenience to quickly send a text message so don’t value the gift of true communication.  Do you remember the days when a letter had to be mailed out and you had to wait patiently to receive a reply? When you did receive a reply, you took time to read it and re-write your response. Look around and notice how times have changed. Many people prefer to text than to place a call; others don’t even stay in touch with old friends any longer. Yet, relationships account for 80% of human happiness.

Don’t let circumstances in your life be the reminder that life is valuable. Make the best of each day and love everyone in your life. For if you live your life this way, every day will be a blessing and a life well lived.